Welcome to Florence Sand Stone Pvt.Ltd.

 An organization that is driven by a desire to create an enchanting world of imagination and beauty around the lives of its customers and its quest is fuelled by its inspiration derived from a place, which is an epitome of unparalleled beauty.

Inspired by the beauty of culturally, artistically and historically, one of the most enamoring cities of the world, we try and bring the splendor and majesty of Florence into our work.

We are the leading manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Wholesalers of all types of Indian Quartzite/Sand stone and other natural stones in India catering to the diverse needs of all of Europe primarily Italy, France, The Netherlands , Belgium and Germany.

Florence Sand Stone Pvt. Ltd. takes great pride in being one of India’s leading suppliers of superior natural sandstone and innovative landscaping stone products, supplying the construction, home improvement and landscape markets dealing in diverse sizes such as Sawn Slabs of sizes 3000*900*10mm to 200mm.